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Launch of the KonTiki Bronze Manufacture in Baselworld 2017

The new Eterna KonTiki Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture Limited edition sets sail.


Eterna marks the 70th anniversary of Thor Heyerdahl’s legendary KonTiki expedition with a bold new limited edition timepiece manufactured, for the very first time, out of bronze.


Iconic design

In celebration of this important anniversary, the new Eterna KonTiki Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture Limited Edition continues the magnificent story of the KonTiki adventure with a bold and highly recognizable design. Triangular luminescent hour markers are contrasted against a jet-black, granite-patterned dial that provides excellent legibility, while a unidirectional rotating bezel frames the dial with a no decompression limits scale. This no decompression limits scale provides divers with a useful backup to their diving computers as it indicates the amount of time a diver can spend at a particular depth before he will have to decompress.


With a water-resistance of 200 metres, the Eterna KonTiki Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture is ready for adventures both on the surface of the water and at the depths of the ocean. The diving style has not been neglected either, as the timepiece is fitted with a water-resistant leather strap that is durable and comfortable and whose dark brown colour brings out the warmth of the bronze case. 


This special collection dedicated to the 70th anniversary of the KonTiki expedition is limited to 300 pieces and is the perfect partner for today’s explorers who need a stylish timepiece that they can rely on as they embark on their very own adventures.


The beauty of bronze

The use of bronze has a long and renowned nautical history. For centuries, ships have relied on this metal alloy for its exceptional strength and resistance to rust and erosion. Even when it is in constant contact with salt water, bronze shows hardly any signs of corrosion, making it an excellent choice for the case of the new adventurous Eterna Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture Limited Edition.


Bronze is able to resist the agressivity of salt water thanks to its ability to superficially oxidize and create a greenish/brown copper oxide layer that protects it from the elements. This layer is called a patina and develops differently for each and every wearer, making it a practical, yet stylish material for a watch’s case.


This ancient alloy is highly appreciated by watch lovers for its ever-evolving colour, but also for its aged and weathered look that rhymes so perfectly with adventure, exploration, courage and strength. It is the perfect material for celebrating the 70th anniversary of the famous KonTiki expedition due to its vintage look and longstanding connection to the sea.


The Daring and Dangerous KonTiki Mission

In 1947, the Norwegian explorer and ethnographer and his crew of scientists set sail across the Pacific Ocean on a hand-built raft to prove that ancient civilizations could have crossed the seas using primitive sailing crafts. Equipped with only the most rudimentary of instruments—except for a radio and six Eterna timepieces—the expedition was a huge success, marking new understanding in the movement of populations, and the start of one of the most iconic watch collections—The Eterna KonTiki.  


The Pioneering Spirit

Providing timekeeping equipment to the KonTiki expedition came with great responsibility, as the sailors would be exposed to the elements for months on end. Eterna was the perfect timekeeping tool for the expedition as it was one of only a few companies at the time that had totally mastered water-resistance. Founded in 1856, Eterna also had a long and reputable history of manufacturing watch movements that were accurate, robust and more than capable of taking on such a strenuous and pioneering mission. 


Pioneering has always been part of Eterna’s philosophy. In 1948, the brand revolutionised the automatic movement by equipping it with a rotor that turned on ball bearings. Named the Eterna-Matic, the system has become a standard feature in automatic movements today. 


In 2006, Eterna patented another new technology that facilitated the rotation of the movement’s barrel using ceramic balls on three concentric rings. This invention, called the Spherodrive, has been incorporated into the brand’s Calibre 39—an automatic in-house movement that is not only the engine inside the Eterna KonTiki Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture Limited edition, but is also the base movement for over 88 different Eterna movement references today. From a simple manually wound calibre with two or three hands, to an automatic chronograph, the Calibre 39 is the workhorse of the brand.


The production of this movement has been highly industrialised with optimised assembly for the greatest quality and performance, providing utmost precision and reliability for the new Eterna KonTiki Diver Gent Bronze Manufacture Limited edition today.


Eterna is proud to have been the official timing partner of the GTD Class winner at the 2017 Rolex Daytona 24


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